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The term poker staking, or simply staking, refers to the act of putting cash up on behalf of a poker player in the hopes that he or she wins. The person who puts the cash up is the backer. The backed poker player is the horse.

Staking is an investment. Prior to play, the backer and the horse negotiate a percentage, and then the backer takes that percentage of all winnings, which can be quite lucrative in high-profile tournaments and high-dollar ring games.

  • Control your players via
    • their playing history audit
    • Control your players via inbuild tools (SharkScope.com sync, forbidden tournaments)
  • Find out make-up, profit and your ROI
  • Get weekly reports
  • Find rising stars in our auction sections
  • Import your playing history audit
  • Overview your results
  • Find areas with higher profitability
  • Find yourself a staker via auction section
  • Sell % from your action

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